Freedom Finishes “A Recipe For Success”

Innovative and time tested, Freedom Finishes bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing enamels and process have been the cornerstone of Arlington Porcelain Refinishing’s longstanding marketplace success.

Freedom Finishes exclusive formulations were engineered decades ago by APR. They are designed specifically for bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing. The Freedom Finishes formulations have been continuously enhanced through years of extensive research and development. These extraordinary formulations have evolved into the most durable and beautiful, high gloss bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing coatings in the industry.

The secret to Freedom Finishes translucent shine, finish depth and durability lies within its scientific formulations. The compounds used in Freedom Finishes are designed to produce a molecular reaction when applied to the surface of a bathtub or tile. Through this “Molecular-Fusion” process Freedom Finishes enamel deeply inter-locks to the existing bathtub finish and tile surface fusing the materials into one. With proper care Freedom Finishes are designed to last more than 20 years.

Combined with Arlington Porcelain’s disciplined and proven application process, Freedom Finishes high gloss enamels and preparation solutions have been the essential ingredients in our recipe for delighting our customers and market success!

For more information about the Freedom Finishes Coating System please contact:

Brian Loeger at or Phone 847-506-0090

Mike Raclawski at or Phone 847-648-6030